Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Feeling ArtFul~

Many a Medallion*

Show Pony Heir (live model) Thank You


Stylin Kat ~
Stylin Kat ~ Available 20.+sh

Monday, March 21, 2016

~A Little Drafty

Look who just blew in, a little Draft!
Jaime Castleman (Baker) always blows my mind with her extreme attention to details both in her amazing paintwork and micro photography.  It has been a while since we both have worked on the same canvas so I have included some past art pieces we worked together.  Love them all, but this guy has a little more deeper meaning with our life changes and challenges.  Hope you enjoy as much as Jaime and I did creating this little Draft.
photo by Jaime Castleman
photo by Jaime Castleman 
photo by Jaime Castleman
photo by Jaime Castleman 
photo by Jaime Castleman
A before paintwork photo by Lyman, re-sculpt work by Lyman

*Here is a quick link for a chance to own and be blown away by this Beauty;  bidding has ended

past art pieces together :)
photo by Jaime  
photo by Jaime 
photo by Jaime
Many Thanks~ Rikki

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day Dreaming

update 3/07/2016
Seahorse~ original LE artist resin unpainted, Ready! 2 left!!
Seahorse~ original LE slight custom artist resin all work by original Artist* Ready!

Drafter~ stablemate custom, A Little Drafty! has BRAIDS & working shoes*
ready!! sold~ thank you Jaime

Pony Kisses~ original LE artist resin all work by original artist ~Lyman, brooch. Ready! sold, thank you :)

Sarah Rose Marwari~ artist resin slightly customized, paint work near completion.

OOAK Sphynx Cat~ wear as a brooch or display, So much detail! Ready!

Reining Splash custom~ painted, near completion.
Biscuit~ smart ranch mutt original LE artist resin (laying down, unpainted). ONE Left! Ready!

1/2 a Biscuit~ original LE artist resin great for water scenes, unpainted no paw.  Ready! SOLD Out*
Mini Cat Pin~ original LE artist resin sculpted from likeness of Sherry Clayton's cat Monkey, unpainted. LAST ONE!  Ready!
Reiner~ custom stablemate, prep/prim for another artist to paint! sold ~ Thank You Jen

Pony Kisses~ original LE artist resin, painted by Lyman to Mini Appaloosa. sold, thank you :)
Pony Humor ;P

Andalusian~ custom stablemate, prep/prim. Ready! sold ~Thank You Zorn
Many Kind Thanks~
contact information is on the photo to right

Thursday, May 7, 2015

May We Paint Another

May is such a beautiful month full of color and fresh starts filled with inspiration at every turn that I felt the need for these little lovely's to get some paint on. 

Grey* :)

Dark Palomino* :)

Chestnut Pinto* :)

Liver Chestnut* :)

All are available except the dark Paly.  Many Thanks~

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Inspirational with a mix of Motivation

In my youth I most enjoyed a few artists and looked up to them as they helped inspire my abilities to what was going to be a journey with the love of art.  Some days I need to look for a little reminder or motivation so I cheerfully reflect with some of these great artists. ~

Beautiful quotes~

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

One Springy Donkey

What a tuffy this little donkey was creating, but hey I surprised myself even got a little attached and felt compelled to paint her myself.  I am springy with delight as much as Aster the donkey.